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Have You Mislabeled Them As Your Friend?

Defining true friendship is essential in navigating relationships effectively.

Often, we mislabel individuals in our lives as friends when they may not necessarily hold that role. It's crucial to categorize people accurately to avoid misplaced expectations.

When we designate someone as a friend, we naturally anticipate certain qualities from them, such as support and thoughtfulness.

Through discussions with my sisters, we realized the importance of creating distinct categories for individuals in our lives. These categories range from relatable acquaintances, who engage in information exchange and share common ground, to environmental friendships, stemming from childhood or local community connections. Additionally, mentorship connections and sisterhood which holds unique characteristics like wisdom exchange and unconditional love, and being able to exchange of real and raw details of one's life.

It's imperative to understand that not everyone in our lives fits the friend category. Some individuals may serve as temporary companions, meant to learn and gain wisdom from us. They might be in our lives for mentorship purposes rather than friendship.

By defining relationships clearly, we prevent feelings of devaluation and acknowledge the diverse roles individuals play in our lives.

Now Girl, that's a whole word. I hope you were blessed by it. Until next Wednesday.

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