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Choose to Speak Life Even When You Don't Feel Well!

Updated: Feb 21

The Power of Words: Speaking Life Over Sickness

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:21

In the midst of dealing with sickness in my family, I woke up yesterday morning with the intention to pray for healing. However, as I delved into a passage about spiritual warfare, I received a wake-up call from God. God checked me!

It was time for me to repent and reconsider the way I spoke about sickness. I realized that our words hold immense power, and it was crucial for me to align my language with the truth of God's healing.

Often, we use certain phrases so frequently that we overlook the significance they hold. For instance, we casually say, "I'm sick" or "the kids are sick," without fully grasping the power behind those words.

However, the Holy Spirit convicted me about the impact of such statements also can be seen as word curses I've spoken on my life and the lives of my loved ones. Jennifer Leclaire stated in her book Spiritual Warfare Tactics, that a word curse is essentially the power of death emanating towards you from someone's tongue. She states that, "Whether intentional or not, word curses work to inflict harm on your body, bring damage to your soul, or other-wise work agains God's plan for your life."

So you must ask yourself is the words I'm speaking in alignment with the word of God? If you are sick, is saying your sick what God said about you? Because I know for a fact He said that we shall prosper and be in good health. He also said that by Jesus stripes we are healed!

The Bible teaches us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. This truth may be familiar to many, but it's essential to truly understand and apply it in our lives.

Even when faced with unpleasant circumstances, we have a choice to make. Instead of coming into agreement with sickness, I learned to say, "I'm not feeling well right now" or "I'm not feeling my best yet, but God is healing me." By consciously choosing words that speak life, we invite God's healing power into our lives.

The power of our words extends beyond sickness. We have the ability to speak life over every aspect of our lives, including our children, finances, family, ministry vision, and business. Our words have the potential to bear fruit and bring about positive change. Therefore, it's crucial to align our language with God's Word and actively choose to speak life over every situation.

Realizing the impact of our words, it's necessary to seek God's guidance in changing our language. Let us pray and ask God to transform our speech, aligning it with His Word. By doing so, we invite His power and authority into our lives, ensuring that our words carry life and blessing.

The words we speak have a profound impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. It's crucial to recognize the power of our tongue and the choice we have in speaking life or death. Instead of coming into agreement with sickness, let us choose to speak words of healing and restoration. May our language align with God's Word, bringing life and blessing to every area of our lives.

Now Girl, that's a word!

Thanks for reading dear friend, until next time.


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