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I'm Not The Perfect Wife

Hey girl, hey!  Can I be honest with you? When you get married you won’t be perfect! God will heal you in your singleness of your brokenness when you give Him your pieces. But, during your marriage other issues may come to the surface that you need healing from. Healing is an ongoing process! You must be willing to face your issues continuosly so that God can heal you. 

Marriage has been a mirror for me! I had issues hiding within that came to the surface. At the beginning of our marriage selfishness, rebellion, and pride came to the service. Let me tell you something, my husband doesn’t mind calling me out on my wrong. Which I'm truly thankful for, even though I may roll my eyes after he tells me. *Pray for me*. I needed him to do that, because I was unaware of these things.

Marriage takes work, but you must be willing to work on yourself in order to have a healthy and happy marriage. Don’t let your battle within cause destruction in your relationship. If you’re ready for marriage, be ready to face flaws you didn’t even know you. Be ready to tackle them head on! Listen sis! You are not perfect, and your spouse shouldn’t expect you to be. When put in different situations, unhealthy emotions or character traits that you have learned will come to the surface. With much prayer and seeking God, the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom on how to improve. 

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